June 4, 2023

Happy Birthday Joe and Lis!

The better hair battle

Today is Joe’s birthday (9/11). Joe has been an intricate part of Proletariat and Thatsthehookup.com for many, many, moons. Joe’s girlfriend Lis has also been an essential part of Proletariat life and they actually went on their first date on Lis’s birthday (9/19) at our custom sneaker battle, Snek Atak 2 way back in 2007! Here is a photo of the two of them on their first date. Amazingly there was no awkwardness – but I expected nothing less from these two smooth criminals. Anyways, happy birthday today Joe and happy birthday next week Lis! We wish we were in NYC to help celebrate, but since we aren’t here’s a little message from a few familiar faces.

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