June 8, 2023

My Favorite Rap Music Guilty Pleasures

I’ve got some favorites that I’ll blast when I’m home alone. Maybe it’s The song that you turn down on your ipod because you don’t want the commuter next to you to hear it. Maybe you pretend you’re not from the Suburbs and have a picture on Myspace of your self reping your “Colors”. Maybe you just like good music. Here are some guilty rap pleasures:

Camron Feat. Kanye West and Syleena Johnson: Down and Out


Lil Wayne Feat. Eminem: Drop tha World


Slim Thug: Like a Boss:


M.O.P.: Cold as Ice:


Da BackWudz: You Gonna Luv Me:


I’m from the hood woods bitch!!


ALPH was once suspended in third grade for drawing on the walls in art class. Not much has changed.

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