May 28, 2023
scooter, grown ass man on a scooter, tthu, thats the hook up

Grown Ass Men On Scooters

Making long-boarders look legit since 1992.

scooter, grown ass man on a scooter, tthu, thats the hook up

For years I have been talking about starting up a site called “Grown Ass Men on Scooters”. Fuck it, some one beat me to the punch.

I used to work with a guy in a restaurant who took a picture of every mullet he saw with a disposable camera. He kept the camera and copies of some of his favorite mullet sightings on his station with his knives and food prep for his own amusement. This was in Savannah Georgia, mind you. Prime mullet territory and the photo album was thick. I had to carry on the tradition in a way and here in Boston there is a long tradition of several things, mainly better-than-you-ism, smarter-than-you-ism and a complete lack of style or finesse in at least 90% of the population. Its a perfect storm of grown ass men on scooters. I have traced this tradition down to the influx of long boarders who began to invade college campuses in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Cool guys who never learned to ollie. It seems that this trend further progressed to not only men who can not ollie, but men who can not stand up with out holding on to something (like a girlfriend). What do you get? Grown ass men on scooters. The funniest thing since scientology.

But really, I don’t judge. I do however take a picture every time I see one.

This tag team was spotted today by Mrs. ALPH in Cambridge, MA.

scooter, growm ass man on a scooter, tthu, thats the hook up





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