June 4, 2023

Geographic Babe Safari: Ethiopia


When I was growing up Ethiopia was going through some shit. The nightly news showed video after video of kids with distended bellies starving today with flies and vultures hovering over them. It was fucking terrible. I will say that as a child I would clean my plate at dinner because I didn’t want to be a dick to those poor kids by throwing away food. Of course now I weigh 700 pounds.

From Wikipedia:The Ethiopian dynasty traces its roots to the 10th century BC. Besides being an ancient country, Ethiopia is one of the oldest sites of human existence known to scientists today—having yielded some of humanity’s oldest traces, it might potentially prove to be the place where homosapiens originated. It was one of the first Christian countries in the world, having officially adopted Christianity as the state religion in the 4th century. It still has a Christian majority, but a third of the population is Muslim. Ethiopia is the site of the first hijra in Islamic history and the oldest Muslim settlement in Africa at Negash. Until the 1980s, a substantial population of Ethiopian Jews resided in Ethiopia. The country is also the spiritual homeland of the Rastafarian religion. Coffee is Ethiopia’s biggest export and if you drink Starbucks your beans are probably coming from there.

Our model today is Genet Denboba Ogeto a 5’10”, 108lb., model from Ethiopia. She’s just starting out so she doesn’t have a portfolio yet, but we expect to see a lot more of her.




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