May 28, 2023

Gay Rights


Robert DeNiro
and Bruce Springsteen were photographed at a reception for the Kennedy Center Honors rocking the gay pride colors to express their support of gay rights to President Obama. Not only is this really cool but it is also a bit ballsy, and possibly a great way to influence future legislation. Obviously it would be hard for people of such social status to attend rallies/protests/etc so this is their way of saying we’re for gay rights, just thought ya should know! Way to go guys! Photos via White House Flickr, yes, they have a Flickr page!

2 thoughts on “Gay Rights

  1. Man, it would be awesome if Deniro and the Boss came out as America’s first gay power couple. Those dudes are so “manly” that men everywhere would have to accept gay rights. I say the two should just take one for the team and do it.

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