May 28, 2023


The other day I decided I wanted to test our popular KingPen ESCOBAR markers to the limit of Boston weather. So, we filled a tub with water, dropped a brand new ESCOBAR into it, and froze it in the shop’s freezer. The next day we checked to see if it would work.

5 thoughts on “Frozen KingPen ESCOBAR TEST

  1. those markers are so dope, i have pink and black in the Escobar but i liked them better when they were super toxic and smaller, the old skinny ones wont fade one bit with chemical cleaning but the new escobars, as sick and opaque as they are, better then the krink cuz its more thick and it has been one of the only markers i have ever had that drip like smash, junobo, mr black ect with pressure applied, it wipes away pretty easily with not much resistance, but i am sure kids huff that shit and thats why kerry had to change the formula or something agains his choice.

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