February 8, 2023
free knux, free knuckles, puppy, dog, craig dershowitz, charity, stolen dog, ransom

Free Knuckles the Dog and Bring Him Home!

If you don’t read this post you are a bad person. No, for real, this shit is important.

free knux, free knuckles, puppy, dog, craig dershowitz, charity, stolen dog, ransom

My friends dog was stolen and he can get it back (With your help). His story has been covered by numerous media outlets including the New York Post and NY Magazine and Gothamist.com and he’s not going to stop there. Belive me, this dude is from Coney Island, he’s not taking no for an answer. Please imagine if this happened to you, read his story and follow the links below:

To get the short version and watch a video with a cute puppy, go HERE.

“Knuckles was kidnapped by my ex-girlfriend and the legal fees to retrieve him are going to bankrupt me.

I know it might sound funny and I understand that. If it wasn’t so painful, I would be laughing too (I mean, c’mon – dognapp – really?) but this is very serious to me and I miss him a lot. Enough that I have gone into debt to retrieve him and enough that I am on here asking for your help. I need the money to keep fighting the court battle. She comes from a wealthy family that is backing her. I don’t. She keeps filing crazy, frivolous motions just knowing that I can’t afford to respond even after the judge has ruled in my favor. The courts gave me custody already but, sadly, the system is too complex and expensive to make anything that simple and easy.

I need help bringing my boy home…where he belongs…for good.


I needed a place to stay and while I found a new place, I asked her to take care of him. When I finally settled, I agreed to share custody. Knuckles was, in many ways, my everything and I knew she cared about him and needed his support too.
I tried my hardest to be fair and flexible. Every exchange took place either at her house or close by – meaning I would do the 5 hour drive both ways just to be with my boy. It didn’t matter. I got to be with Knux and that was all I cared about.

At one switch point, she asked me to promise, promise, promise I would bring him back and not “steal him away forever.” I was dumbfounded by what she meant by I agreed. Little did I know what she was planning.
Next thing I know, a week before I thought we were meeting, she was on the road to California with my baby boy.


Knuckles is a puggle. More specifically, he is 3/4th beagle and ¼ pug. He snores like an old man and prances when he walks.

The cutest thing about Knux is that when he wags his tail, his whole body wiggles. Whenever I would come home, he would run to get me a toy – as if saying “Daddy, I missed you. Here is my favorite thing in the world – you have it. Oh, yeah, and play with it with me.” The first toy he ever did that with was a squeaky heart that said “Be Mine.” I have a tattoo of it on my calf, right where Knux would come up to when he brought it over.


I found a lawyer willing to take this unusual case and I began the process of suing her for custody.
We are not more than five months into the court battle and I have spent over $30,000.

My ex has a wealthy family that is backing her. I do not. I am paying for this out of my own savings while also helping my mom through her medical issues. My ex is filing motion after frivolous motion just knowing that each time my lawyer responds it takes me one step closer to having nothing at all.
It is a game I cannot win, but, with the justice system the way it is, it is a game I must play.


I took the high road and went through the courts rather than break down her door and get him.
The judge has already determined custody should be mine but all these decisions need to be certified and legalized (no, that is not the actual term) and I can no longer afford it on my own.

Please see the attached documents regarding the judge’s decisions.


Knux touched a lot of lives. My friends all love him and they want to do anything they can to help. Lucky for me, I have some amazingly loving and amazingly talented friends. Everyone who can has donated some of their art to make this campaign work. They are doing it, partly, for me. Mostly, they are doing it for Knux. They all want him home so that they can play with him too! He is very missed throughout New York.

Rescue Knux!!

SON? Really?

I understand that individuals who have not experienced the joy of pet ownership may not understand the emotional connection established between a pet and its owner. For those who have had dogs, the connection between Knux and I is quite obvious. This bond is often as strong as between a child and parent. I raised Knux since he was two months old. I trained him, played with him, loved him and felt that he did pretty much the same to me. No, he is not a human being. But, he is a caring, loving being with a soul that I have grabbed and held. He does mean that much to me.”


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9 thoughts on “Free Knuckles the Dog and Bring Him Home!

  1. I get it, you love your dog, however, you’re an idiot. You’re wasting money, wasting time, wasting your life. Get another dog. Leave that woman alone. Forgive her and move on, retard.

  2. He is a TOTAL idiot and all of this is about HIS ego and nothing more. Grow up like the puppy did.

  3. If this was truly about Craig’s ego I do not think that the courts would bother with the case or that a judge in NYC would not grant custody to Mr. Dershowitz unless there was just cause. I know a lot of people with ego’s but I don’t know anyone on his payroll that would spend $30,000 on it.

  4. Alph, the haters on here are the same that follow me everywhere. The obsession with hate is deep and it is a shame to witness. The old me would have had some choice words, but the new me prays for their arrival from out of darkness. Until then, me, you and some peanut butter noodles. No one can violate.

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