March 23, 2023

Foods Worth Dying For | Deep Fried Greatness!


Look, life is short. And if you haven’t tried frying every delicious food in the world then you just aren’t living. Luckily for us, there are local and state fairs where people make a living by dropping whatever they can into a fryer and serving it up to the masses on a paper plate with some powdered sugar. While surfing the internet for some of my favorite fried treats, I stumbled upon a flickr friend who took a trip to the Orange County State Fair and tried every delicious fried treat known to man. I honestly don’t know how this person got through all of these items because one of them is enough to put you into a diabetic coma.

Are you thirsty? Try some deep Fried Coca-Cola. They batter up the Coke syrup and fry it! YUMMY!


You like tootsie rolls? Serve it up corn dog style on a stick!


Now you are probably in the mood for some appetizers…how about fried mac n’ cheese?


Or a deep-fried White Castle burger?


I had one of these in Vegas after walking about 8 miles in 100 degree heat. Shit put me in a sugar trance. A fried twinkie with strawberry jam!


Trying to perfect your muffin top? How about a fried cupcake!


If you are pretty sure you aren’t going to heaven just eat a plate of fried Oreos. It’s almost as good.


And a personal favorite, one of which I’ve never been able to finish—the deep fried Snickers Bar.



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