October 6, 2022

Fix Ocean Pollution w/ Air Pollution?

I’m not a scientist, but I’m pretty sure when you burn oil it creates a large black cloud of smoke and pollutes the air. And from what else I know, what goes up must come down. So, we are going to burn the oil, creating plumes of thick black smoke, and maybe it will float far away and land on some crops in Florida. This is what the geniuses have come up with to solve this massive oil spill. I’m not saying I have the right answer, but polluting one thing as well as another doesn’t seem well thought out. This is one of those moments that I wish life worked like school. I remember being in class and talking and the teacher would get fed up with me and would be like “Kerry, why don’t you come up here and teach the class?” I’d get up in front of the United States and say, look, we’ve all gotten lazy and inconsiderate. We need to embrace change, and it might be a little painful for a few years but in the long run we will thank ourselves. We will only use clean technologies and we need to get rid of this everything’s disposable mentality. These can’t be our grandchildren’s problems because our grandchildren will never exist at the rate we are moving. The oil industry is a fucking dinosaur. I feel like it is 1950 and some guy is coming at me saying, look man, we have this new horse and buggy concept vehicle you should really trade in your Corvette for one. I have a few questions for our so-called leaders. First of all, is BP going to be held responsible for all of this? This company’s mistake is not only destroying the environment but it is definitely going to affect business in many states across the South and who knows how long the effects of this will affect our food and water supply. Also, how can we give companies the chance to make a ton of money without a backup plan if shit goes wrong? If this was a nuclear power plant that exploded and killed everyone within a few miles (aka Chernobyl) then there would be a lot bigger backlash than a few dead pelicans. All I gotta say is it’s a damn good thing the environment doesn’t have a voice and a lawyer because we would all be broke and in jail right now.

2 thoughts on “Fix Ocean Pollution w/ Air Pollution?

  1. I personaly think thats way better than letting it float around donig serious damage! fuckin oil rigs need more fuckin money into Never breaking! When shall we have free energy gosh darn…..it!

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