June 6, 2023

Film | Eatrip

“Eating” has become more than filling you up, although I’ve been a little bit careless about what I eat…
I heard about this film last time when I went back Japan, this film tells us what “eating” can be. It is about “Eating” but it is not just about eating.
DVD is available from theĀ official website.


Eatrip Trailer

Eating – a common non-verbal bond between people. A momentary relationship between mankind and food. We captured this on film.

Food is “common to all people”. Sometimes it has more persuasive power than words. We can understand a lot just by having a meal together. “Eatrip” is not about the physical distance traveled, but the relationships in and around food. It is the sharing of time, experience, memories and coexistence.

Food is my occupation. The reason I wanted to make this film was my mother, who was the one who inspired me. My mother is a vibrant person, who cooks for the whole family and handles the household. My irreplaceable memory of food is one of the daily spectacles of a beautiful table setting. I thought that focusing on the ‘maternal instinct’ was an important element in knowing the beginnings of humanity.

To the “Eatrip” creative team the power that food exerts in everyday life came as a surprise. Even if people were to stop eating they would still feel the overpowering need and value of food. It leaves such a discernible firm image in our memory and feelings that it eclipses all else.

Eating is freedom. Therefore, I think that taking a look at people’s appetites, even in today’s Japan, is splendid. It is an entrance into the delights of food, and their lives.

You suddenly look back, in a happy frame of mind, at your life. You can retrace your memories of food. It is an opportunity to go beyond it being just a tasty meal to it being a fond memory that can be recalled in the future. It is to think that this is ‘the energy to live’.

– Director Yuri Nomura

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