December 5, 2022

DMOTE, RATH, SYE, and STAY KD: Bronx Graffiti

I took a quick trip down to New York City the last few days.

While I was down there, I had the opportunity to meet up with some of New York City’s top graffiti writers DMOTE, RATH, and SYE at a school yard up in the Bronx. STAY KD from Norway was out to rock the wall with the guys as well. If you haven’t check out his work make sure you do. He is one of the most consistent writers from Norway and painted close to 100 pieces last year.

DMOTE is a writer whose work I have been following closely for a couple years and currently holding strong among the top writers in the country.  I met DMOTE about a year ago and he is always more than willing to accommodate some time for me whenever I can make it to the city. Its a honor documenting a master at his craft.

This was the first time  I had personally met RATH, although we share some close connections, and I can say I was a little star struck. His work is some of the most memorable from growing up in Massachuesttes and his style continutes to blur the line between classic letters and forms.

Watching this piece come to fruition.


and the finished products:

Be sure to check back later this month for much more from this trip and others in the past. I have something brewing for the That’s The Hookup followers.


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