June 9, 2023

Darren Aronofsky’s Anti-Meth Commercials




I guess it makes sense that the guy that directed Requiem for A Dream and Black Swan has now transitioned over to making creepy as fuck anti-meth commercials. Of course, after seeing the commercial, I immediately surfed my way over to The Meth Project’s website where I spent close to an hour watching horrifying video clips from HBO and PBS documentaries about the meth epidemic in Montana.

I remember a few years ago on tour, I saw a giant billboard in Montana or Wisconsin (this was shortly before we stopped at a gas station that sold Church’s fried chicken as a well as pipes in the same room…still not as good as the North Carolina rest stop that had a tattoo parlor in it though) that I thought was just so ridiculous..something along the lines of “I never would trade sex for money…until I tried meth”. My reply to it was in the vein of “Really bitch, really?“…apparently¬†the answer is¬†“yes, really”.

Now, after seeing videos of 19 year olds peel their skin off of their face in fear of “crank bugs” I guess I would say this shit is real. FUCK DUDE. I really just do not understand what possesses 12 year olds to try meth. Yeah, there are 12 year olds smoking meth. The average in Arizona of when people start smoking meth is FOURTEEN! When I was twelve I think I was still scared of thong underwear, definitely not thinking about how get a lightbulb to smoke some refined Sudafed from.

If you’ve thought about trying meth, like to procrastinate, or want to scare yourself shitless head on over to The Meth Project’s website:http://themethproject.org

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