June 9, 2023

Dangerous Addictions | Sneakers

Ever since being a kid, I have been obsessed with sneakers. I loved those upcoming first days of school when you blew all of you hard earned summer cash on a brand new get up. And you KNOW you had that first day line up well before you knew what your class schedule looked like. Walking through those halls constantly looking down to see who’s shoe game was better than mine. The addiction continues to this day.

This is the latest and greatest in my constantly shrinking closet:

The Nike Dunk High 08 Premium in a Midnight Fog colorway. Classic for the winter.

And here are some of my recent winners.

Brown leather chucks with a gold zipper accent.

Nike Air Max Lunar in Neutral Grey/Bright Mango-Stealth-Black

Nike Air Royal VT Wolf in Grey/Blustery-Cool grey. The VT stands for Vacuum Technology.

Many more to come, my wallet hates me.


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