February 4, 2023

This Week In Drugs | Cocaine


Some douche bag dad in Newark was afraid he would get busted by the cops for carrying around (most likely selling) cocaine so he stuffed it in his kids jacket. Once Jr. got to school it was a PARRRRRRTY!

Newark police say 25-year-old Shaheed Wright of East Orange apparently put several baggies of cocaine inside his 4-year-old son’s jacket after a near brush with police. The boy later shared the drugs with three other 4-year-olds at the center on Friday.

One of the kids had an entire bag of coke in his mouth when the teacher noticed! Nice work pops!

All four kids involved were taken to the hospital, and Wright’s son explained to police about the “candy” his dad gave him. Yeah. His dad told him it was candy.


This is DEFINITELY not the hook up!

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