September 30, 2022
tthu thats the hook up Charles Bronson Michael Gordon Peterson criminal prisoner british england violent boxer insane

Charles Bronson / Britain’s Most Violent Criminal

Time for this weeks history lesson.

tthu thats the hook up Charles Bronson Michael Gordon Peterson criminal prisoner british england violent boxer insane

 Michael Gordon Peterson, A.K.A. Charles Bronson, is a petty criminal serving a life sentence in England almost entirely based on his history of violent attacks on prisoners and guards alike. He has been moved 120 times between prisons for his violent behavior, served all but 4 years of his conviction in solitary and only made it 131 days as a free man since his first arrest.


I knew nothing about him until I saw the movie “Bronson” which, if you haven’t already seen, is free on Netflix. Here is the trailer:



Bronson was originally jailed for seven years for armed robbery in 1974 at the age of 19, and has had a series of sentences added to his original term over the years for attacking inmates and prison staff along with over a dozen hostage taking incidents.

He was released in October 1988 and spent 68 days as a free man before being arrested for robbery. He also tasted freedom in November 1992 for 53 days, before inevitably returning to jail for conspiracy to rob.

Weighing 210lbs and standing five feet ten and a half inches tall, Bronson is renowned for his strength, having bent metal cell doors with his bare hands. His daily training regime includes up to 3,000 press-ups a day. Bronson holds six world records for feats of strength and fitness.

Bronson carried out his most infamous hostage incident in 1998, when he took two Iraqi hijackers and another inmate hostage at Belmarsh prison in London. Insisting his hostages call him “General”, he told negotiators he would eat one of his victims before demanding a helicopter to Cuba along with a cheese and pickle sandwich to end the stand off.

In 2000 he was jailed for life after being convicted of holding a teacher hostage for nearly two days during a jail siege but In recent years, Bronson has become a published author and cartoonist. Among his eleven books, is a health and fitness guide in which he shares some of the secrets behind his legendary muscle power. Profits raised from his work go to children’s animal charities.



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  1. He has not killed anyone, but people who really commit murder walk in les than 14 years.

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