May 29, 2023

CES 2012 – Return of the Boombox! JVC Kaboom & Soul by Ludacris!

These two products struck me as must haves for 15 year olds and 30 year olds…depending on your income of course. The JVC Kaboom is a 40 watt portable boombox that can play all your different types of media, it holds and protects your iphone, and if you wanna get real crazy you can plug a mic or an electric guitar into it! Take that street performers! Ludacris is getting on the headphone tip, since Beats by Dre are doing so well, but SOUL by Ludacris has a new product to shake the house down. It’s a portable PA system that was loud as hell and good looking in the process. Check the video for more info on both.

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