December 5, 2022

CES 2012 – 3D TV by LG – The Best and Only TRUE 3D Television

Let’s be honest, 3D TV is kind of a novelty. You spend more time trying to scan the screen for cool 3D stuff then watching the terrible movies in 3D. That has all changed. After seeing dozens of different branded tv’s at CES 2012, I can promise you LG is the best one hands down. I would say it’s closer to a hologram than a 3D tv. You can stand at least 10 feet away and still experience the full power, plus no matter where you sit in the room the 3D reaches out to you. Also, there were moments where the screen looked like a stage with vertical and horizontal 3D. Crazy, crazy, stuff. If you are going to buy a 3D tv, your only choice is LG . I’m not even joking when I say do not buy any other brand of 3d TV. The difference is astonishing.

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