March 20, 2023

Brooklyn Tornado or Downspout Storm Videos | TTHU NYC

So the most common thing to do these days when a potentially life-threatening storm comes along is to grab your digital camera, stand as close to the action as possible, and film it for your fledgling Youtube channel. Oh yeah, don’t forget to say “Holy Shit” as many times as possible! This was definitely an ominous storm, but let’s get real people. This was some pussy shit. I lived in a closet for 3 days during a hurricane in Texas drinking water out of my bathtub and eating sardines. I had a Tornado in Texas jump in front of my car taking my car from 65mph to about 30mph as if someone had stood on the brakes. I lived in Fort Worth the year a Tornado ravaged downtown sending hundreds of pounds of glass raining to the ground below for weeks after. Toughen up NYC, you’ve seen way worse than this shit! And kids – this reality tv era of catching everything on film for 5 minutes of internet celebrity will get old when you have a fucking tree branch sticking in your pelvis.

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