December 5, 2022

Brooklyn Navy Yard | DUMBO | NYC

I ventured out to DUMBO to check out a really cool exhibit that the Brooklyn Navy Yard is hosting. The exhibit is free and easy to get to so if you have a chance, I would recommend checking it out. The place is set up in multiple rooms that follow a timeline from when Brooklyn was first settled to modern day. The rooms depict the evolution of Brooklyn, the Navy yard, the people of the area and our country. It was interesting to see the population growth along side the timeline and how fast people settled the Brooklyn area. Even back in the day Brooklyn had cred! There was no photography in the museum area but I caught some flicks a long the way. The photos of decrepit houses are the original Navy housing that captains and their crew would use while in port. There is controversy over the historic houses now because a giant food store wants to come in, bulldoze the houses and open up shop. Historians argue that it is important these structures stay intact as they are historical landmarks and give insight into how the Brooklyn Navy Yard once functioned. The giant anchor photo is in the lobby of the exhibit. The chain starts at the second level and the anchor itself is about fifteen feet tall. The other flicks are of bits and pieces of the neighborhood. More information on the exhibit can be found HERE

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