March 21, 2023
thats the hook up BNE Graffiti

BNE / Graffiti for Charity

thats the hook up BNE Graffiti

You all know BNE. If you don’t, then stop pretending you know anything about graffiti. This is peas and carrots we are talking about.

A lot of people really hate BNE. He has caught beef with some of the most admirable bombers of all time. Me? I love it. Like so many before him he has dedicated his life to destruction. Un like anyone before him, he has utilized this for something proactive.


Hello. My name is BNE. I am a graffiti writer. I started writing my name in the streets when I was a teenager in the 90’s. I covered the city with my tag and then worked my way across the country. As the years passed I traveled the world and covered a large part of the earth with my logo, learning different languages and cultures along the way.


Before long, I had created a globally recognized brand that offered no product or service. To me this in itself is art. My work has also amounted to what is basically a multi-million dollar international ad campaign. The campaign has reached millions of people and has awed some of the world’s largest ad agencies.


As my fame grew, I started getting a lot of offers from individuals and companies looking to use my life’s work to advertise whatever they had to sell. They were truly greedy, selfish people who did not care about me, graffiti culture, or anything else other than profits. Encountering these people only added to my already growing disgust of human greed. That disgust would ultimately push me towards my true calling.


I realized that with my art I had a global voice and not to use it for good would be a waste. I needed to use this brand that I created to make some sort of positive social change.


In my travels, I have been to some of the world’s poorest slums and have seen the extreme poverty and ?horrible injustices that billions of people suffer through. After a lot of thought, over one year of research, and a chance encounter with a poor Indonesian woman, I concluded to what I could do that would have the biggest impact on poverty. Providing clean water and sanitation solutions to people in developing countries is what really needs to be done.


Fully motivated, I had to figure out how I was going to help make a difference. Since I am an expert in guerrilla marketing and advertising, spreading the word is the relatively easy part. The main challenge ?would be actually raising money.


Graffiti’s original purpose was to give a voice to the voiceless. There are billions of people living in poverty with no voice at all. I want to let all my fellow graffiti writers, artists, and everyone else know that if we simply lend our voices to these people, we CAN change the world.


BNE is no longer about me as an artist. It has become a voice for the victims of social injustice who have no voice. BNE is a movement with supporters from all walks of life all over the world, and we are growing everyday.


Join us and be apart of something REAL.


If we don’t do this, then who will?


Peace & Love



thats the hook up BNE Graffiti

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