October 21, 2020

Blog Envy: The Streets Are Calling


Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love our blog, but there’s always room in my day to check up on other people’s blogs and The Streets are Calling is a must! If you like photos of hot chicks, dead animals, graffiti, homeless people, ironic signage, etc., then you need to check this blog out. Here’s a sampling of the mayhem…


Man, this is a biker gang I’d love to join!


There’s a documentary about this guy called Confessions of a Super Hero, that is kind of sad but really interesting…You never know what the guy is like who poses with your kids for a photo op.


Does this kind of shit happen when you are straight edge? I’m thinking it usually takes a little bit of drugs or alcohol…


Check out the symbolism here…leopard print dressed girl in a cage? what does it all mean?!?!?!?


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