February 1, 2023

Blacked Out Back Bay

Boston’s Back Bay is on Fire! Well not exactly, but a transformer near the PRU and the Back Bay Hilton, for the most part blew up. It was a 3 Alarm fire that forced NSTAR to shut down the power to most parts of Back Bay and Fenway. Seeing as this is my neck of the woods, I decided to bypass the traffic and just meet my girl for a bite at Charlies in Harvard and wait out the chaos.

Coming back into the city was super strange. Comm ave, Beacon street, Newbury, Boylston, and Mass ave were all Blacked out!

I decided to head out and capture some late night shots of my hood.

The 1 Bus on Newbury. Weird.

The Fire Station on Boylston, seconds away from where the fire actually took place.

This was the view on Boylston Street at the Hereford cross street.

The site of the fire.

Most of the businesses were forced to close down.

The Site.

Mass Ave, right near Berkley College of Music.

Oddly enough the Mass ave bus stop was the only thing that had power!

Favorite shot of the night.

The entrance to the pike was sealed off.

Looking towards the Mass Ave. bridge on Boylston.

Lets hope by the time I get home, I will be able to turn on the lights!


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