March 21, 2023

Black March 2012 – Boycotting the Entertainment Industry in honor of SOPA/PIPA

For all the people who said the occupy movement didn’t mean shit – or doesn’t accomplish anything, you are wrong. When was the last time in our lifetime we saw so many protests and boycotts and other acts of protesting the establishment? The latest action in the spirit of the occupy movement is called Black March. The idea is to hit the entertainment and media companies who vehemently tried to push SOPA and PIPA through Congress where it hurts…their gold-plated coke-dusted wallets. Black March is a call to not buy a single record. Do not download a single song, legally or illegally. Do not go to see a single film in cinemas, or download a copy. Do not buy a DVD in the stores. Do not buy a videogame. Do not buy a single book or magazine. If you can just reduce or completely stop purchasing for this one month the entertainment industry will feel the pain of millions of dollars in lost revenue and subsequently realize you don’t fuck your customers or throw them in jail.

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