October 3, 2022

Bicycle Lane Battle in Williamsburg



So Mayor Bloomberg decided to remove 14 block of bike lanes from the popular street Bedford Avenue with no real reasoning to the community. What the mayor forgot is most cyclists are hipsters and most hipsters own a can of spraypaint, and most people with a can of spraypaint don’t give a fuck about the law so voila, the cyclists started painting their own bike lanes. Of course some snitch called the cops and got the cyclists arrested. As someone who has now had two friends killed and multiple friends hit by cars, I think this is very irresponsible of the city. The people are telling you what they want — and last I checked you work for us. Looks like it’s time to register to vote again. Plus, how can I expect a billionaire to ever know what it is like to HAVE to ride a bike to work. This piece of shit doesn’t even ride the train to work. Next time I see a limo lane, or a helicopter landing pad I’m gonna go ahead and sandblast that off and see how the mayor feels.

One thought on “Bicycle Lane Battle in Williamsburg

  1. I wish more was done publicly to make cyclists and drivers more communicative. I’ve been yelled at by passing cars to get on the side-walk, which they don’t realize is against the law. Depending on the time of day and neighborhood, I’ve been taking the whole lane whenever possible recently. For whatever reason, supposedly Boston drivers give cyclists more space in the Winter/Snow.

    I still see knuckleheads on bikes without brakes on their fixies and no helmets, which puts themselves and others in danger. Bad for the riding community at large. And your knees.

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