September 28, 2022

Artists You Should Know | Byroglyphics, Nook, Bagpainter

This week of ASYK we have some bangers! First up we have Byroglyphics. This dude has an instantly recognizable style. His mix of intense grungy lines, loose brush strokes, limited colors, and subject matter all combine for stunning pieces of art. I have always been drawn to portraits and when they are done right, there is something very human about it that allows you to connect with the subject.

Next is NOOK. This dude has a great technique and style. His illustrations create a very dream like state. The use of colors and soft lighting make that possible. They truly speak for themselves and ooze creativity. How can you go wrong with that?!

Lastly we have Bagpainter. This is one of the most fascinating ongoing series’ I have seen in quite a long time. His fascination for his subject matter comes through in all of his works. Using paper bags, something we toss out or recycle everyday, to make these work on just blows my mind. He has a few prints on sale, I suggest you pick one up before they are no longer around.

That all for this round up. Till next week. Recognize!

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