March 21, 2023

Artistic Youth | Photography by Matthew Zaremba

Artist statement: My name is Matthew Zaremba. Like anyone that doesn’t necessarily survive off of their craft, I consider myself amateur, and self-taught. I work with a point & shoot, because it gives me the ability to capture what moves me with little alteration, retaining the raw power of the scene, object and image. After years of working with mixed media and various creative outlets, I have found the photograph to be the most powerful in my opinion, aside from the written word. If a painting or a sculpture or a collage attempt to convey a particular feeling or message, the written word can serve as a stripped-down, straight-to-the-point statement. In a visual sense, that is exactly what a photograph is… Straight to the point. Sometimes a photo ISN’T worth a thousand words…. Just a quick glance, and it all makes sense.

More images at Matthew’s site HERE

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