March 21, 2023

Art Whino at NYCC 2011

Angry Woebots Live Painting

Art Whino killed it this year at New York Comic Con. While most booths only had a couple of artists a day come through and do signings, they showed up with an army of heavy hitters ready to live paint and sculpt throughout the weekend. With a line up that included Angry Woebots, J*RYU, Skinner, Marka27, Lou Pimentel, Lamour Supreme, Pixel Poncho and Jeremiah Ketner, it’s easy to see how this gallery is quickly solidifying their name in the art world.

Lamore Supreme Painting
Lamour Supreme

Lou Pimetel Live Painting
Lou Pimental

Marka 27 Signing Black Book
Marka 27

Skinner Signing toy at nycc 2011

Skinner Live Painting at NYCC 2011

Evoker and Jryu
Evoker and J*RYU

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