December 5, 2022

Abandoned Desert Waterpark | The American Way

A guest post by Monica Moniker takes you to an abandoned waterpark in the desert, 100 miles outside LA…..

Approximately 100 miles outside of Los Angeles en route to Las Vegas is an abandoned waterpark. Waterparks are such great creations, they say a lot about our world. A waterpark runs on one thing alone. Without it it’s a totally useless and out of place structure that has no meaning. Like a body with no blood or a highway with no cars, a waterpark with no water is an empty vessel waiting, waiting for the rains. But before we get too philosophical, who decides to put a waterpark in the middle of the desert? Waterparks are probably the greatest and most obvious ‘fuck you’ to the rest of the world. Whilst other countries struggle to get enough clean water to survive, we’re pumping metric tons of the stuff hundreds of miles into the desert so we can get carried around giant plastic tubes. All our struggles as a race, all our achievements can be seen at a waterpark. But an abandoned one speaks volumes, it tells a much deeper story.

Its story is one of a brazen, headlong dash into the decadent. Exposes the most squalid and selfish aspects of our hedonistic ambitions. But in being abandoned it has become something far deeper, mythical. I hope this monument to the bizarre gets listed as a heritage site. Like the abandoned theme parks I’ve always been attracted to, they highlight our flaws. Our ridiculous natures. Our failed dreams. The sun will erode the plastic, looters will take scrap metal and nature will slowly eviscerate it from memory. Go find one, clamber down the dry tunnels and skip the imaginary lines, but with water it could all come back. With our most precious and vital resource we can make it whole again. Bring on the filth!

BY Monica Moniker

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