June 6, 2023

A Waste Of Time | Seriously?!

Every now and again you come across something on the internet and go, “Are you kidding me?! Someone actually put the time and effort into making that?” Here are two examples of what I am talking about. This one is called the “Sleep Suit”. Which you can find and read all about it here. Basically this thing is engineered to be a portable bed, allowing yourself to have a nap anywhere and look like a big ole idiot while you’re doing it! I get that the way its done can support a lot of weight, but come out with the design and technology, not a ridiculous looking alien cocoon.

This next little gem is called “swallowable parfum”. Which is pretty self explanatory. Here is what they say about their product, “Swallowable Parfum is a cosmetic capsule that enables human skin to emit a genetically unique scent about who we are and how we perform our identities. Once absorbed the skin becomes a platform, an atomizer; A biologically enhanced second skin synthesized directly from the natural processes of the body,
redefining the role of skin.” WASTE OF TIME! You are probably spending a shit ton of money on research on getting it through the FDA, when that money could go literally 17,000 other places and have more of an impact.

Here are a few screen shots of their ridiculous video. If you would like to see it for yourself, go here.

Spend your time wisely.


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