March 25, 2023

5 Crazy Airport Vending Machines


I’ve been traveling this week and I noticed there’s something about airports that makes you spend a shitload of money on unnecessary items. Only an in airport would you pay $3 for a bottle of water or $9 for a sub sandwich. Anyways, I guess the vending machine industry thinks if you are already doing that why not buy an ipod or a dvd player or some luxury cosmetics? Here are 5 insane vending machines – and they aren’t all bad – some of them are actually quite useful.

Need a last minute gift or just don’t want to be bored on the plane? Buy an ipod! Of course it is empty and probably not charged but you aren’t thinking straight anyways…if you were you wouldn’t be buying an ipod out of a modified Coke machine!


Been on an international flight and you smell like rotten fruit? Get some cologne for a measly $55 from one of these! (This machine was next to our gate at DFW in Dallas, TX.)


Here’s a machine I could actually see myself using! Need to recharge the cell phone you just drained in-flight by playing 4 hours of Solitaire? Plug in and juice up!


This Best Buy vending had Nintendo DS’s plus a few games…I was definitely tempted.


Finally, we have the laptop rental station. Did you just find out your flight got canceled to Bangkok and due to your porn addiction you just have to see some fresh internet lady boys? You are a sick fuck! But have no fear, just find a dark corner of the airport and grab one of these…


Just don’t print any out…

3 thoughts on “5 Crazy Airport Vending Machines

  1. I knew this had to be in texas as soon as i heard the title… that is the only place i’ve ever seen these things.

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