June 9, 2023

24-Year-Old Max Schrems’ Leads Europe Into Battle With Facebook

It is understandable why frustration from Facebook Users usually ends in a status updates and empathetic comments, after all, it is commonly held as a “free” service. If you do not like it, you can “delete” your profile. Well 24-Year-Old Max Schrems has picked up the legal sword and is leading european Facebook Users into battle with Facebook on the premise it is not free and there is no deleting going on.

The Austrian law student has started a website, Europe-V-Facebook, and is building the case against Facebook’s Irish branch and it’s breaches of Irish and European law.

This video shows how Facebook has collected 1,200 pages of information on Max since joining three years ago.  The U.S. only had 400 pages on Osama Bin Laden in August 2001!


It is genuinely exciting to see someone as intelligent and young as Max taking on this fight as it will set a precedence for data handling within corporations and on the internet. You could go here and see what Facebook is keeping on you (I can’t imagine what my six years has piled up to) but Facebook is currently denying this information. Oh, and if you are in the US or Canada you have waived your rights to this information when you signed up…

Amazingly, there is a facebook group to show your support.


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