February 5, 2023

10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for the Broke


Valentine’s Day is this Sunday February 14th and since we know most of our readers are slackers (takes one to know one) THAT’S THE HOOKUP has thought of affordable ways to sweep your lady off of her feet. Our list is in no particular order, we think all of our ideas are amazing, so read below and tell us what you think.

1. Take that old shirt of yours that she wears to bed every night and make her something sexy to wear. You could simply cut the neck area out, make it sleeveless, open the sides or get as creative as your skill set will let you. This way you save on buying something from Victoria’s Secret, she knows you put thought into it (like most guys you probably suck at these kinds of things) and she will look great.

2. Make Her Dinner! Head to Epicurious , look up a recipe that looks easy enough, grab $10 and pocket the $60 plus you would have spent (or don’t have) at a restaurant. Click here for a list of great Valentines day recipes.

3. Make her a card. Buying a card sucks, they are either too sappy or don’t get across what you really want to say. Head to your local art store, drop a few bucks on markers and make that card come to life!

4. Make her some flavored vodka. Watch the video above and check out a post we did last year The Hook Up| How To Make Flavored Voda. You will spend very little money on shit vodka and make it taste like her favorite fruit.

5. Give your lady a massage! Everyone loves a massage unfortunately it generally takes some cash flow to pay for one of these. Take things into your own hands (literally), buy some massage oil and get things started. Check out the video above, the dude has a million different videos about massage.

Proletariat Bird
6. Art Project! Head to your local art supply store buy some markers, spray paint, a canvas or whatever and make your lady something nice. It could be a portrait of her, a sick hand style of her name that she can hang in her dorm or you could paint her old kicks to look better than they did brand new!

7. Make hot chocolate (just don’t sound the like the douche in the video while you do it) and go for a walk in a park, to someplace rad with a view or check out the stars. Your lady will love it, it will cost a few bucks and she will probably be impressed that you took the time to learn something new for her.

8. Rent a movie, something she has wanted to watch and you always blow off because it’s too feminine, make some pop-corn and keep your mouth shut about how lame the film actually makes you feel.

9. Bring her to the planetarium, museum, or buy cheap seats to the theater or ballet. Generally if you have an old student ID kicking around, you can get discounts or free entry to the planetarium or the museum. If not, check their schedule to see what nights are free. If you want to spend a bit more money but not a ton, call your local theatre and find out how to buy discount tickets to a play or ballet. Generally tickets will be released a few hours before a show at a discounted price. In NYC there are vending machines outside of the theaters where you can buy these tickets. Since it is a last minute purchase, you often get lucky and end up with some dope seats.

10. Take a road trip or subway trip and experience the surrounding towns or parts of the city where you haven’t spent a lot of time. Stop to get coffee, bagels, doughnuts, etc. and experience a new area. Make a mix CD or play list for the ride!

If you are like most of America and single simply head out to the bar or local nightclub, get trashed and get dirty! Or you could ask out that pretty girl that has sat next to you all year. You know, the one that is super cute but you have been too much of a pussy to engage in conversation. If you have better ideas, leave them in the comments section.

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