December 10, 2022

Year-Round Metal Enjoyment | New England Freight Graffiti Documentary Film

It’s about time. I SAID IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME! Mint Films is currently in production of Year-Round Metal Enjoyment, an in-depth documentary on the New England Freight train graffiti scene. It will feature interviews with all your favorite New England Writers and seems to have heavy emphasis on Circle T & YME crews. The production quality looks dope and you know the art will be as well. Looking forward to seeing this film.

YEAR-ROUND METAL ENJOYMENT – Official Teaser from Mint Films on Vimeo.

Thanks to Spencer & Seamus for hitting me with this clip…

11 thoughts on “Year-Round Metal Enjoyment | New England Freight Graffiti Documentary Film

  1. It’s rad you did a little spotlight for this, but you failed to mention YME in this.

  2. Technically the YME was mentioned. YEAR-ROUND METAL ENJOYMENT! It’s gonna be ill!

  3. That’s what I thought, but kc wrote “with a heavy emphasis if not a sole-emphasis on the circle T crew” It’s equally about both crews. The quote just rubbed me the wrong way, YME doesn’t get a lot of recognition in the graffiti world. A lot of secret YME haters out there. Minor drama aside, this documentary is going to be amazing!!!

  4. Word, thanks bro…just making sure YME gets the spotlight too, Thanks for taking the time to give this project shine. It’s going to legit!!!!

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