June 6, 2023

This Week in Graffiti: Going Cross Country with LEAD DNA/IMOK/AOK

This Week in Graffiti we are doing things a little different and bringing you cross country with one of my personal favorites LEAD.

In my honest opinion, LEAD is one of the most universal graffiti writers still putting in work today. He is down with crews and writers that have been consistently  influencing styles and techniques all over the world.  It is a huge privilege for LEAD to share these photos with me and I feel honored to be able to grant you all a brief glimpse into the world of LEAD.


“In October of 2012, I headed out yet again, on another trip, to drive cross country for the 4th time this year. October seemed the best time to go as it’s the perfect time of year to make the drive no matter which route one chooses. The weather is almost always perfect, easy on the vehicle and the foliage is in full effect in many cities. Starting in Rhode Island I drove all the way to California, the full length, front to back. This particular trip was special though as I got to roll with my best friend which made it one of my most memorable journeys to date and as usual I always make it a point to see crew mates along the way. This trip was no exception as we made all local stops in Columbus Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio, Kansas City Missouri, Denver Colorado, Flag Staff Arizona, Albuquerque New Mexico, Las Vegas Nevada, Reno Nevada and the Bay Area California. 




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