March 25, 2023

That’s The Hookup & myplasticheart Vinyl Toy & KRINK giveaway + 10% OFF coupon code!

Our friends at myplasticheart in NYC definitely have the holiday spirit! They wanted to HOOK you UP and we are happy to oblige. Here’s how it’s gonna work. All you have to do is log on to twitter and tweet why you love us and make sure you include #HOOKITUP @thatsthehookup @_myplasticheart. Don’t have a Twitter? Make one! It will take 2 seconds and we plan on hooking you up with more freebies every month! The contest starts today and runs for two weeks.

Your tweet could win you this TYO Toys DIY mini-dumpster! You can catch mini-tags on it and maybe fill it up with some small sardines and a homeless G.I. Joe! And myplasticheart isn’t gonna leave you scrounging for a Sharpie either!

They are hooking you up with TWO KRINK K-42 paint markers to decorate your dumpster like the proles! Now that’s the hookup! Since myplasticheart has been so generous we hope you keep them in mind for your holiday shopping needs from their extensive catalog of unique and hard to find items, and utilize the coupon code, HOOKITUP, at checkout, for 10% off!

Remember all you gotta do is tweet to enter to win!

address 70% of ass-kissing here: myplasticheart twitter, website, facebook

send 30% of what’s left here: Thatsthehookup twitter, facebook

P.S. If you win, myplasticheart will ship your prize anywhere in the USA for FREE!

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