February 9, 2023

Taken By A Vandal – 3D Graffiti POV DVD – On Sale Now!

Have you ever wanted to feel like you are doing graffiti and experience it as if it were really happening? WELL GET OFF YOUR FAT ASS AND GRAB A MARKER AND SOME BALLS AND GO PAINT SOME SHIT. Or be a bitch and watch this film. Or do both, which is what I intend to do, minus the being a bitch part. Taken By A Vandal features 180 minutes of 3D graffiti footage by the likes of Agit / Becky & Stace / Creme / Debil / Faxr / Fluid / Geier / Krek / Limp.h / Metal / Most / Nice / Nyo / Samsn / Syro / Taps / Truth / Zay.

You can buy it here.

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