December 5, 2022

Park City frames Banksy’s art | This is not what he intended

This is wrong. Like putting animals in a zoo – wrong. I don’t know Banksy, but from what I can tell he would not be a fan of the nation’s elite putting a wretched Plexiglas frame over one of his pieces of PUBLIC ART. I also don’t think he would have approved of this font…

Here we have a town that doesn’t have ANY other graffiti or public art…it’s like taking Newbury Street and mating it with a ski town. But of course, some kid probably told his Dad that one piece of graffiti in town was done by a super famous guy and it is worth a ton of money and now they put some iron frame around it with a horrible vector font that is trying so desperately hard to look street.

It’s amazing that you can take something that literally cost a few dollars to produce, wrap it up in thousands of dollars of custom framing and Plexiglas, and somehow make it look cheaper.

Nice work Park City! Enjoy your sterile graffiti!

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