September 28, 2022

Models love graffiti! Photographic proof!

So I have spent the past few days combing over hundreds of photos of models and wannabe models and one thing rings true…models love graffiti! I don’t know if it just makes them feel “street” or if there is a bug zapper thing going on, but just about every amateur model thinks she needs to do something sexy in front of graffiti to get the next big gig. The sad thing is I think my brand would be the most likely to hire a model in front of graffiti and yet none of these ladies made the cut.

This girl is attractive enough but I think the closest she’s ever been to graffiti would be here.

Here’s a girl who got a little overzealous when she started watching Top Model.

This one pisses me off because this guy is trying to sell himself off as a photographer. Just because you can watermark an image and talk a girl into posing half nude does not mean you can compose a shot or create a look. Dude, your 90-day copy of Photoshop ran out yesterday and your iphone is not an acceptable tool of the trade.

Blood on a hot blonde’s face is not hot. All I can think of is some dude is running away penis-less right now.

“For only $500 a day you can sponsor a starving model in America…”

The ass ain’t bad but I really wish I could see the rest of the piece…

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