March 27, 2023

Legal Graffiti Walls – Tacoma, Washington – Graffiti Garages

It’s good to see that some people get it. This is a free country. We should make sure that all interests are allowed and cultivated in a free country as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else. People want to take their dogs to the park but others don’t want to step in shit? Cool, we build dog parks and add poop bags on poles. People want to skateboard and try new tricks? We build skate parks so they don’t fuck up the streets and can perfect their talents. Graffiti is no different. Can you imagine how much money is spent every single year on cleaning up graffiti? I’m sure it is staggering. Yet for some reason, politicians and law enforcement think it is a better idea to arrest and repaint, arrest and repaint. If they just took 10% of their budget for cleanup and designated a few areas of the city as legal artistic zones I can guarantee you graffiti as a crime would drop substantially, and Tacoma is proof of that forward thinking. In fact, Tacoma has actually noticed a revival of a neighborhood because of this project and the graffiti artists are spending money and supporting local business when they go there to paint. It’s a win win.

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