March 20, 2023

Large VTS/KYT/AMF x FreshPaint Video : OinkArtLTD

The people over at OinkArt have done it again, releasing another great video with one of graffiti’s premiere freight writers, LARGE. The video showcases LARGE painting some American steel using OinkArt’s own FreshPaint. FreshPaint is becoming a sought after product and with 30 colors available at $3 a can, it’s hard to resist picking up a few cans at least. LARGE is definitely one of my favorite writers out there right now and its always a privilege to watch someone whose work you admire.



3 thoughts on “Large VTS/KYT/AMF x FreshPaint Video : OinkArtLTD

  1. Too bad he’s a rapist and got kicked out his own crew. Kyt only after creating handfuls of beef for them.

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