February 3, 2023

Kate Moss | Spotted in NYC | Supreme

Kate Moss is everywhere is New York City. You can’t escape her face when wandering SoHo, LES, Midtown, etc. If you have been in the city and have not seen these posters, open your eyes. Supreme killed it picking her to model! I wonder if the price tag was killer?!?! This poster has gotten picked up (or appears to have been) more than the GagaXSupreme ad and I think that has to do with believability. Everyone knows Kate Moss is an iconic super model whose younger years were spent partying with rock stars, doing drugs and being the bad ass of the runway (or so the tabloids say). Gaga on the other hand, well, I think the Supreme demographic understands that Gaga is a pop star and the Supreme campaign was just another look for her in her quest for ubiquity. I don’t wear Supreme, I don’t prefer Gaga over Moss or visa versa. Just seeing all of these posters all over the city and subsequently features on the internet inspired this rant. It is also a good lesson for brands. If you can find an ambassador for your brand whose real life reflects some of the elements of your brand (hence believability) then you are in it to win it.

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