June 9, 2023

Interview with VAST GUK NVS


Where you from and what do you write?

I write VAST. I’ve moved around my whole life but I’ve spent the majority of my life on the East Coast.


GUK and NVS.

How did you start vandalizing and what compels you to continue? 

I was always very destructive and writing on things always made sense to me. This world is a horrible fucked up place. Me, writing on a building – putting my name somewhere with paint..tagging my name on a wall is way less important than the real issues going on in this world that people don’t seem to notice or care about. The system is way to far gone. I spray on a wall and risk going to jail while the suits and ties make billions of $ off racist and illegal wars for cooperate benefits. Advertisements are forced down our throats, and people buy things they don’t need to buy to feel better about themselves. I get a thrill of destroying property and I get a thrill off seeing my name. There is a lot of selfish reasons I do graff and there are also a lot of selfish reasons for cooperate America destroying our world. What is worse? Writing my name on a wall or funding military supplies over seas to support genocide.. You fucking see all these advertisements all over the place, and everything is all about money these days but you see some graffiti, a throw up, i can respect seeing a person risking everything they have got to just temporary be seen in a spot. The main reason I do graffiti is because I am angry, and it lets me express myself. And yes I will continue to do it because it has open countless doors for me and the amazing memories are endless. Not to mention the places It has brought me. I can proudly say even the most rich and prosperous won’t ever get to experience the shit I’ve been through – good and bad. If it wasn’t for graffiti, I don’t know where I would be in my life.

Has your reason for writing changed at all?

Have my reasons for writing changed? Uhm, of course. As you get older – you have to learn to work graffiti into your life in a different way that allows you to still live a mature responsible way of life. The basic reasons will be the same, but its the best underground lifestyle to be a part of and graff to me has taught me life skills; respect,survival. Graff will always be there. As long as I still have graff, I think I will always be able to get through the day.

How would you describe your style?

It’s a little bit of everything. My peers influence me, especially my close friends who write. It’s a blend of everyone I know and assosciate with who I’ve learned from. I like simplicity, but like to add my own little touch – whatever really seems right at the time. My mood also effects my style as well as music. Basically my surroundings and enviorment.

Have you always wrote VAST?


What made you agree to this interview ?

The world might end soon, so fuck it.

Who were you influenced by when you started out?

When I first started? Rich, Spre, Task, Stoe, Learn, Lerk, Lack, Turdl, Jurne, Owl, Mes, Aves, Spek.

What writers influence you today?

Anyone who still loves to write thats not a piece of shit.

What makes a writers stand out to you?

Peoples stories stand out to me.

Have you ever caught a charge for painting?

Everyone has their day.

What do you want to be remembered for?

For who I really am as a person.

Where’s the most interesting place you’ve painted?

Double ladder billboard over a main highway.

What’s been the biggest influence on your work over the last year?

Traveling to different cities all around the country.

Weirdest thing that has happened when out painting?

Haha, me and two of my friends went to paint this spot in a abandoned industrial building in the Boston area. After sneaking in ,we found our spot to paint. Before we started to paint we did a extra check to make sure everything was good to go and all of a sudden a truck pulled up out front and a nicely dressed hardhat construction worker showed up and unlocked the gate and walked into the building we were about to paint. We hid in a small closet area in the corner to see if he would leave and he went into the other room than we saw him 20 seconds later walk around the corner completely butt naked except he was still wearing his work boots and was jacking off walking around the spot. We had to wait for him to leave….and yes we still painted the spot.

Do you find you do better pieces depending on who you painting with?

Some of my friends paint more technical pieces and push me to try new things. So yeah, Id say so.

Favorite Cities/places? 

Portland Maine. Boston Mass. NY. Miami. and the bay area.

Favorite letters?


Favorite food?

I like spicy food.

Any graff-related injuries?  

Yeah. Nail through the foot. Frostbite. All sorts of shit.

What plans do you have for the future?

Finding a better way to do what I do.

Give some shouts!

All the people who’ve done what I would have done for them for me.

All the people who’ve given me a place to sleep and helped me out along the way. All my family,friends, crew.





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