December 5, 2022

Interview with Graffiti Artist KWOTE HRV

Traveling between Philadelphia and Massachusetts consistently over the last five  years, i have tried to expose myself to as much graffiti as my brain can process. KWOTE is a writer who has caught my attention more recently and stood out from the crowd with an arsenal of self-promotion through  tags, stickers, fill-ins, and freights. Nothing I respect more than writers putting in hard work. I was lucky to get in touch with KWOTE and be able to give this writer some recognition and get some insight into the mindset of a young up and comer.

Where you from and what do you write?

KWOTE H.R.V. Tri-state area

How did you start vandalizing and what compels you to continue? 

I started the same as most, just seeing tags around where I grew up. As far as what keeps me going, seeing older guys still writing or making a comeback.

How would you describe your style?

I’m going for big, solid, legible and bold street graffiti style.

What made you agree to this interview ?

I dig your photos and taste in graffiti.

What makes a writers stand out to you?

Style and placement, or anyone that makes a spot look good.

Who were you influenced by when you started out?

The stuff that I mostly paid attention to was Ges and Kem5, local piecing guys from Connecticut and Mass, and whoever was up most in NY. As far as street bombing locally, Ideo VIP (RIP)  was my biggest influence early on. He had an awesome style and had the best spots. He was an animal and anyone from Hartford or Philly knows about him. He was the only one to really do it in Hartford and he wasn’t even from there.

What writers influence you today?

Now I’m into Tokyo, SF, and NYC street bombers like MQ, TIE, JA, MOSU, TOM, CHEW, SECT, WANT, BTM, KUK, KECH, SOUP, RESQ, GUN, KART. Ss far as piecing style -GREY, JADE THR, MIZE, CAYPE, OWL, and AMAZE.

Has your reason for writing changed at all?

Not really, I’m still new to writing, so the only thing I try to work on is doing less chill spots and doing more higher risk spots. Whether it’s a tag or fill-in, the more challenge, the more it pays off, as far as enjoying doing it or having it be seen.

Have you ever caught a charge for painting?


What are you most known for/what do you want to be remembered for?

Like i said before I’m new to painting, so not sure exactly what I’m known for now, if at all haha. I’m young so I’ll be working towards tags, stickers, fillins and will hopefully be noticed for that. I feel like i got a long way to go

Where’s the most interesting place you’ve painted and why?

Louisville KY. Theres a ton of good spots there. All abandoned, hand-painted buildings that make cool photos. Not sure how much it will be seen, but its fun just to get over and have good flicks to leave with.

What’s been the biggest influence on your work over the last year?

Spending more time in the city and traveling has taught me what effective graffiti looks like. Big, solid, legible, and good color schemes.

Weirdest thing that has happened when out painting?

All the usual crazy shit. Weirdos, gay bums, crooked cops.

Do you find you do better pieces depending on who you painting with?

Yeah for sure! Me and ONCE are a good team, he’s got a good eye and knows what a cool spot looks like. Same with TAKE7, he’s the only dude i write with in the city. I’m comfortable painting with anyone street smart that knows the right shit to look out for.

Favorite Cities/places?


What do you think about the commercialization of graffiti?

I think Revok and MSK stuff is cool.. But the rest is just funny or embarrassing.

Any upcoming collaborations/releases people should be watching for?

Me and Once are working on a graffiti photo zine right now with some hand-drawn pages and a bunch of stickers.

Also check out, that’s my boys project. All proceeds donated for lawyer bills, cancer care, and bail money.

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Favorite letters?

K, T, E, S, A. Least favorite – W

Favorite food?

Burgers, sushi, steak, salads, wraps.

Any graff-related injuries?  

Nothing really

What plans do you have for the future?

Getting up more, better spots, more consistent, more traveling, more money, more fun, more racking.

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5 thoughts on “Interview with Graffiti Artist KWOTE HRV

  1. Hey Kwote, a bunch of neighbors just put together a bunch of money to remove your stuff that you did last week in New Haven. Understood that you felt like you were adding artistic to value to our neighborhood but the stuff was not as nice as the stuff you have posted above. (Understood that you were doing it illegally and on a snowy night when there were video cameras and street lights on you but still we decided we did not want it on our property.)

    Do you have any interest in helping us out on public art project on the underpass you tagged? We need help from folks who know how to wheat paste. The project is and we would love your help.

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