June 8, 2023

Flip the Script: Release Party & Art Show

It’s been a long time coming but it is finally here; Flip the Script. For those who are not familiar with Flip the Script or the Handselecta name here is a little recap. Author/creator Christian Acker has been documenting and cataloging handstyles from all over the world for about 10 years under the project name Handselecta.

Handselecta was created as a font laboratory and preservation project documenting hand styles as contemporary calligraphy with some going as far as being transformed into digital typefaces. I was first introduced to the name Handselecta almost 7 years ago through YouTube. Handselecta first showcased writers CLAW, ESPO, SP ONE, & SABE KST with brief videos of their handstyles. Pretty basic stuff. No fancy editing or soundtracks. Just showing off raw talent. Over the years, Handselecta has gone on to feature writers like  ADER, EARSNOT AGUA, LIONS, Mike Giant, OS GEMEOS, STAYHIGH149 and many more.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTW0qI9f1wU&list=UUwQM0gcIg9oWFfy_9Yh4SLQ&index=1[/youtube]

Flip the Script  contextualizes the handstyles of graffiti writers from around the United States presenting various lettering samples in an organized format, giving the formal treatment of classic typography books. The book includes art and interviews with TAKI 183, HAZE, CORNBREAD, ESPO, AGUA,  GREY,  MIKE GIANT, CHAZ BOJORQUEZ and many more.

About two years ago Christian approached me about contributing to the book that would become Flip The Script.

Fast forward two years and the image is featured as the introduction for the Boston & New England section of the book.

This is a huge honor for me not only to be featured in this book but to also be included in the book release, two weeks from today, @ Reed Space in New York City. I will have some prints available along with some very talented guests.

Also, there is a kickstarter in which the donations will be used to support the development of educational lectures and workshops with artists and students of typography, calligraphy and graffiti, and elevating the art and culture for the next century in the cities featured in the book. There are also some great incentives for donating including apparel, signed copies of the book, and original work from contributors.

Currently the best place to get your order filled quickly online is with the good folks over at Upper Playground.

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