December 9, 2022

Flashbacks Magazine – Issue 6 – 1993

I totally hit the jackpot yesterday while going through some of my old crap at my mother’s house when I found a stack of super old graffiti magazines. While flipping through these, I could only sit and think about how times have changed. Back then there wasn’t the access we have today to the Internet, so the only time you could see new work from other places was to get magazines, which were very few and far between. There were also only really four different types of caps, so instead of tossing used, clogged caps on the ground, you would take them home and clean them. Back then, there was also no such thing as spray paint made specifically for graffiti, so you’d basically make a trip down to your local hardware store where you got to work with a pretty limited color selection. Also, if you didn’t like someone’s work you couldn’t just post some anonymous comment, you pretty much had to get right up to their face and say it to them. The consequences of this would usually only end up in a fist fight if you were lucky.

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