February 2, 2023


Come check out some amazing art this weekend at the FORTH WALL GALLERY featuring some AMAZING artists from all over the country and some local legends (like yours truly and Mr.Nakayamas new shit)!!!!  hope to see all of you there. Check out the info at the bottom of the page or at the FORTH WALL website. check it out!!


Fear No Art 4
Opening Reception Nov 10th 7pm-10pm
On Exhibition through Dec 3rd

Featuring: Slick, Simone Legno, Shane Jessup, Augustine Kofie, Kenji Nakayama, Caleb Neelon, Raul Gonzalez, Cern One, Toofly, Gigi Bio, Don Rimx, Jesse Hernandez, Sket One, Marka27, Problak. Pac23

Curated by Marka27

While haphazard graffiti tags still slash through billboards and brick walls, there’s no denying the shift, albeit subtle, that street art has begun to take towards the more thoughtful, deliberate, and respected. A new generation of designers, thinkers, and philosophers, born from the rebellious, bandana-covered cavaliers making their marks in the public sphere discreetly, has begun to emerge. Indeed: the street-art bubble has begun to disintegrate into a less-reliable orb, one that artists are now fearlessly poking.

The artists that curator, and prolific artist and designer Marka 27 has gathered from both coasts vary wildly: from passionate, feverish, athleticism to carefully structured graphics, these artists’ aesthetics are certainly varied, but not hard to associate. All 16 artists hint at a similar respect and nod to architecturally-influenced expression, vibrant, often-times grotesque design, and a no-holds-barred expanse of movement—all accompanied by a fierce, self-survivalist-immediacy.

While FEAR NO ART 4 is certainly not the first exhibition featuring street art, it is the first time these particular artists have been featured together on the same coast, in the same space, reacting and playing off of each other for the first time. Rather than showcase a singular artist, this exhibit is a representation of an amalgamation of cultures, identities, ideas, and personalities much like the cities that these artists use as their canvas.

The artists gathered in this collection range from legendary graffiti artists to up-and-coming graphic designers, to expressive pop-surrealist painters—but really, these labels do them a disservice. All of the artists represented in FEAR NO ART 4 are revolutionaries who use a variety of media to challenge the most complex ideals, which are, of course, wrapped in the simplest of questions: What is art? What is art if it is not for sale? What is art if it is impermanent, hidden, digital, wet, gross, or illegal? What is art if we do not call it art?

Join us on Nov. 10th at the Fourth Wall Project to witness a new type of exhibit: one that brings the new gods of street art together to coalesce, challenge, and re-create a new public art experience.

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