December 7, 2022

Environmental Graffiti | How to make Moss Graffiti

Do you like Gardening? Do you like taking care of Mother Nature? Do you like breathing fresh, chemical free air? Well, this is the medium for you. Moss Graffiti allows you to get up and take an environmental stand at the same time and I’m gonna teach you how to do it. All you need is the following:

1 Can of delicious beer
1/2 teaspoon of sugar
A few clumps of garden moss (this can be found in damp places on concrete or near a tree)

Step 1: Take your moss and break it up and stick it in a blender
Step 2: Add the sugar
Step 3: Add beer while blending to make a creamy consistency
Step 4: Pour mixture into a tupperware and seal shut

Now, all you gotta do is find a shady, damp location and just paint your tag or logo or stencil onto the wall with a paintbrush. I usually pack a spray bottle of water with me and go back for the next few weeks to keep it moist while it takes root.

The Mistress of Green Graffiti is Edina Tokodi. Here are a few of her most recent works…

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