March 25, 2023

Denver International Airport (DIA) Art Installation | David Choe, Sam Flores, Highraff

Surprise, surprise. The talking heads of the local news just don’t understand why the airport would spend $300,000 on graffiti art. You would think with David Choe sweeping the news circuit recently they would take this as an opportunity to brag, but no, they spend time talking to a 22-year-old who would happily do the job for some paint and basketball tickets. Dude, no diss but you aren’t David Choe or Sam Flores, just look at your letter style for starters… And local news anchors, learn some shit. You think when Leonardo was painting the Mona Lisa there wasn’t some dumbass kid willing to paint a shitty version of an ugly woman for 2 sheckles? Anyways, I have to give props to DIA for really pushing some art in a freaking Airport, apparently 1% of their budget goes to art and that is badass. Back to the news, this is HYPOCRITICAL BULLSHIT. Next week they will be doing a story about how graffiti is bad and little Ratha Sok will be facing 2 years in prison for doing graffiti.

5 thoughts on “Denver International Airport (DIA) Art Installation | David Choe, Sam Flores, Highraff

  1. Dude fuck the media.. If i owned a business that made a substantial amount of money and didn’t give a fuck about $300,000 i would ONLY hire artists that i truly think are the best artists in the world, not some SHITTY lil turd who ” I COULD BURN IN GRAFF WITH MY EYES CLOSED ” lil fucking dork should GET A FUCKING JOB!!!!!! …. this makes me sooooo annoyed !!!!!!!

  2. Fuck paying for graffiti that shit is supposed to be free. That being said props to these guys for stacking paper. It’s that kid’s own fault he didn’t ask for more than Nuggets tickets. If $300,000 is only 1% of the DIA’s budget who the fuck cares?

  3. Man, when will people realize that just because it comes from a can of spray paint doesn’t make it less of an artform. Also not everything done with a can is graff, graff is a separate artform not showcased at DIA. And that little D bag, comparing himself to any of the artists chosen by DIA, should shut his mouth and practice!

  4. I am a local Denver artist and had two of my paintings hanging at city hall during the 10 days where I also got to hang with Choe and Sam Flores and Higraff when the art was done after each day. Choe did all his work with spray paint and was here for 4 of the 10 days but also did a cool mural on a wall outside the convention center besids his murals for DIA. Sam Flores was so incredibly nice to talk with and discuss not just his art but mine too, and he did lots of painting with a brush which is why his 100 foot mural took the full 10 days to complete. These guys are not just Graffiti artists hitting up your random city wall anymore, they will still do that but their work is worthy of any art gallery or museum in my book. Someone saying they could do that for nuggets tickets is just lame, if that were the case then man up and show the world what you have which is nothing different than the millions of other artists doing the same work. Big up to Denver for having a LAW that new buildings spend 1% of the total construction cost on public art for that building and DIA using that 1% on Sam Flores, David Choe and Rafael Highraff because these are the artists of the future and also right now. -Conor Tewell @ Conor 2L Art

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