May 29, 2023

Your Next Snowboard – Niche Snowboards

I feel like most of the best businesses start from someone’s home. You got computer startups in a garage, clothing brands in a bathroom, and now snowboards. Dustin Morrell graduated college with a degree in Aviation Science but decided he would rather snowboard than fly a plane. Morell decided he was going to start creating snowboards in his Utah garage and did so for two years until the harsh chemicals and resins started to worry him and his family. After many more years of trial and error he has developed a sustainable model that is better for the rider and the planet we ride on. Last month Niche Snowboards was awarded the Eco Award for sustainable innovation and eco-responsibility for their 2012-13 all-mountain freestyle snowboard in Munich, Germany.

This is the kind of thing I like to see happening in the new millennium. We are all smart enough to know that we can’t keep dumping stuff into rivers or polluting the air in a selfish way. Most of us think twice before throwing a can or bottle into the trash as opposed to recycling it – and has our life been negatively affected since doing this? No. If anything we end up feeling better about it! The cool thing about Niche is you are actually gaining from making the switch to this eco-friendly board. Niche boards have more pop and are less likely to delaminate which is a major problem with older boards. Plus they have a dope team of riders, so if you didn’t know you had options out there now you know…and I guarantee you the granola biddys on the slopes will notice and will toss a dread in your direction.

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