March 21, 2023

UNDFTD has gone URBN

To be honest, I could give a fuck about streetwear. The only thing “street” about streetwear is the fact that a bunch of adults sit on the street for days, waiting to fill the pockets of the sneaker industry. The interesting thing about streetwear is the fact that it preaches exclusivity, with many items being purchased solely because they are limited edition. Never-mind the fact that everything is technically limited edition, many brands in streetwear have decided to go with the marketing of their products and the hype, over good design. What happens when an exclusive brand ends up in the hands of everyone. I’m not saying UNDFTD doesn’t have good design, but I do know they have always been an exclusive, semi-underground brand in this culture. So today when I was taking my monthly walk through Urban Outfitters I was shocked to see what I thought was a bootleg UNDFTD hat. I even checked the label because I figured URBN had just pulled another one of their tricks by stealing a smaller brand’s idea, but they didn’t. UNDFTD has officially sold out.

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